ART COMMUNITY INSURANCE                                      


graduated with a degree in art history but against the better wishes of my professors, decided not to pursue graduate school. That always haunted me, remaining as my sole regret in life. Having worked a few years ago for an art insurance carrier rekindled my inner flame. It made me realize how combining my insurance background and experience with art was a dream come true. I opened my own company so I could interact and work directly with artists, dealers, collectors and anyone involved in the art field.

My Mission
To assist those who share my love of art and who speak the same language. Obtaining insurance is just one area. Helping others in promoting their business is the other. Connecting people is what gives me the greatest satisfaction. Always searching for possible collaborations and partnerships amongst those that would most be able to reap benefits. Altruism is my guidepost to expand everyone’s network.

Usually one has a broker or two when it comes to insurance. As with art work, a second set of eyes and a fresh new perspective can bring a new and better understanding. My emphasis has always been on service, responding promptly and offering solutions for any form of insurance coverage needed.  I do my best to form business relationships and friendships by sweating the details, responding promptly and going the extra mile each and every day.


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